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Are You Tired of Feeling Powerless Over Food?

In this FREE 1-Hour Masterclass you’ll be exposed to powerful ideas that will bring awareness to your eating habits and fundamentally change your relationship with food forever.

You will learn:

  • the techniques the food industry uses to manipulate you into over-eating non-functional foods
  • the Six Human Hungers and how they could be factors in making bad food decisions
  • the weight loss experienced through WildFit is ultimately the by-product of great health.

And no, this is NOT a “diet program” that will force you to restrict how much you eat or require you to use an insane amount of willpower to curb your cravings. This is about getting back to your ancestral diet by eating in seasons as we did for most of human existence.

In fact, you may just find that you’ll be eating more amazing meals, having fun in the kitchen again AND still lose weight.

And whatever cravings you use to have will just… dissolve.

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As a community organizer and former politician, I’ve mentored disadvantaged communities to get involved for over 20 years. But, with today's challenges, showing up is harder and harder. Especially when we haven't been showing up for ourselves.

My name is Ixchel Tiffany Renée. There was a time I was significantly overweight, depressed and stuck. I covered my mirrors so I didn't have to see myself. It cost me years of turning down invitations and missing out on the dance in life.

But I began making changes, growing my own food and THEN, through Eric Edmeades's brilliant program, something just clicked! I learned how to feed myself, truly nourish myself with WildFit. Now I'm teaching others how to live again too.

The WildFit principles are based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, food psychology and behavioral change: the ideal combination for lasting results.

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